Born in Rotterdam (1988), The Netherlands

I have lived in the Netherlands all my life. Since my mother is of Dutch descent and my father of Greek, I used to travel a lot between these two countries to see my family when I was a child. It was in Greece that I came in touch with a completely different culture from the one I had known so far. I remember the Cretan roads, the orange trees and the boisterous sea beating the rocky coast while we were driving in my fathers pickup. I remember the atmospheric landscapes and situations that I kept with me for long.These are some of the memories that are always with me while traveling. Now, many years later, I can see how the travels of my youth influenced me and my works, and how it shaped my identity.

What interests me in the medium photography is that it captures a specific moment in time, placed in a fixed frame. My work can be seen as a slow, patient and observant study about people, time and space that I have encountered.


Co-founder and member of Untitled, CP


16 - 25 November 2018 - NUN kunstruimte, Arnhem, NL - Group show

Past Exhibitions

2016, This Art Fair, Amsterdam, NL - Fair/Group show

2016, STROOP, Rotterdam, NL - Group show

2016, ARTzaanstad, Zaandam, NL - Fair/Group show

2016 Darmst├Ądter Tage der Fotografie, Darmstadt, DE - Group show

2015 ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design, Enschede, NL - Graduation show

2013 B93, Enschede, NL - Duo show with Aalt van de Glind

2012 Am Hawerkamp, Munster, DE - Group show

Given Workshops - Lectures

2018 Photography as an idea, act, and tool, Arel university Istanbul, TR - Lecture

2017 Understanding photography with the pinhole principle, MEF University, Istanbul, TR - Workshop


2016 Crowdfunding through VDK for the publication of Caucasian Encounters

Publications & Other

2017 Kiosk of Democracy - Online Publication

2017 Rencontres d'Arles - Book expo

2017 FotoFestival Naarden - Book expo

2016 Darmst├Ądter Tage der Fotografie - Catalog

2015 Synoros - online publication