Jannis Geronymakis (b. 1988 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands) lives and works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and Istanbul, Turkey.

In my artistic practice I use photography as a medium to understand, observe and discover my surroundings, but also to explore the emotions within me and the memories I have from my childhood.
As a child, I had to travel a lot between both families since my father is Greek an my mother Dutch. Many of the scenes that I witnessed there are always with me. After many years when I started to discover photography, I started to use this medium as a way of expression and channelize these emotions within. Traveling started to become an important part of my projects, making a journey is something implemented in my blood since my youth.

Personally, I see my photographs as visual diary notes. My projects can be read, to a certain extend as a journal. They form a poetic embodiment where I translate my visual encounters to a tangible object. I take these pictures with the knowledge that they are always part of bigger whole, but as a photograph they should be able to stand by themselves.


2010 – 2015 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Photography department, AKI Artez Academy for Art & Design, Enschede, NL – graduated 2015

2007 – 2010 Desktoppublishing, Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, NL – graduated 2010

Past Exhibitions

2018, Leitmotif - NUN kunstruimte, Arnhem, NL - Group show with Hannelotte van Elst and Aalt van de Glind

2016, This Art Fair, Amsterdam, NL - Fair/Group show

2016, STROOP, Rotterdam, NL - Group show

2016, ARTzaanstad, Zaandam, NL - Fair/Group show

2016 Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie, Darmstadt, DE - Group show

2015 ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design, Enschede, NL - Graduation show

2013 B93, Enschede, NL - Duo show with Aalt van de Glind

2012 Am Hawerkamp, Munster, DE - Group show

Given Workshops - Lectures

2019 Reading Balat through photography - Altinbas University, Istanbul, TR - Workshop

2019 Photography as a tool for observation - Altinbas University, Istanbul, TR - Workshop

2018 Understanding photography by
making a pinhole camera - MEF University, Istanbul, TR - Workshop

2018 On photography, time and urban space - Urban Dreams workshop, Chamber of Architecture Istanbul, TR - Lecture

2018 Photography as an idea, act, and tool - Arel university Istanbul, TR - Lecture

2017 Understanding photography with the pinhole principle - MEF University, Istanbul, TR - Workshop


2016 Crowdfunding through VDK for the publication of Caucasian Encounters


2016 Caucasian Encounters - Self published

Publications & Other

2018 Mister Motley, 'Voorbij het lijfelijke' - online publication

2017 Kiosk of Democracy - Online Publication

2017 Rencontres d'Arles - Book expo

2017 FotoFestival Naarden - Book expo

2016 Darmstädter Tage der Fotografie - Catalog

2015 Synoros - online publication