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Lapidarium I
Softcover | size 21,5x16,5 cm | 52 pages | 30 black and white images
Photos and layout Jannis Geronymakis
Cover and design Türkan Oya Ekmekci
Text Jannis Geronymakis
English | Self published 2020
ISBN 978-90-826123-1-8

Numbered and signed 1 to 70

26 EUR + shipping

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Special Edition
Including the book and a unique handprint, housed together in a 17,5x22,5x3 cm clamshell box, handmade by Annewill van Waarden at de Antelier.

This Special Edition comes with a 9x13 cm (unframed) signed gelatine silver print. All photographs are printed on out of date, discontinued Forte paper.
There are 5 different prints in an edition of 5.

Numbered and signed I to V

230 EUR + shipping

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