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Teos was a Greek ancient city in western Turkey. This project is my venture into the ancient history of the Middle East and beyond. A research to forgotten places, specifically in border regions.
It was once a flourishing port town where many notable people lived like the great philosopher Epicurus, and the poet Anacreon. The area where Teos is situated has known many tragic events, from the big population exchange in the early 1920’s between Greek and Turkish citizens, to modern day tragedies of refugees coming mainly from the Middle East, often swimming the Mediterranean, trying to reach the European Union. The monumental and humble olive trees, witnessing the tragedies of hundreds of years, are under great risk of being taken down, because of planned mining in the area.
It’s this kind of places  that somehow get sort of lost in this world, that interest me. They seem to be forgotten, but are actually full of stories when you dig deeper into the background of such place.

The project is not merely about an excavation site of an ancient city, but rather digging into time space and the change of an area, and revealing the repeating of events. The ruins stand as a symbol for shifting borders in a fragmented world. The olive trees , not just trees, but monuments of the Mediterranean which can grow hundreds of years old, stand as a symbol of time, between then and now.