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December, 2017 | WORKSHOP

Last week I was in Istanbul for one of my first workshops ‘Understanding photography with the pinhole principle’, at MEF university, part of the workshop week there. It was a great and instructive experience for the students, and me as well. The workshop explains how to make a pinhole camera from a shoebox, how to use it, how to use light sensitive photo paper, and also what we can learn from this simple device. We used a very primitive but useful darkroom on a dark spot under the amphitheatre. In a way this workshop shows something about where photography comes from and what it became over the years. Here you can see some of the works my students made. They did a great job! Thanks everybody for your enthusiasm and dedication! Soon I will have a similar workshop coming up. So keep an eye on my website and Facebook, and those of Untitled, CP.

October, 2017 | LAUNCH UNTITLED, CP

On Friday 6th of October we had a launch of the platform Untitled, CP at kozmos cafe in Istanbul. Its a platform which I am part of and the co-founder. My aim is, through this platform, to focus on upcoming photography workshops and work together with the other participants of Untitled, CP.

June, 2017 | BOOK FOR SALE

Slowly but surely my recently published book Caucasian Encounters starts to find its way to bookshops and photo festivals. It is on view and for sale until 18th of june at the Photo Festival Naarden. It is also for sale at Filbooks in Istanbul and Boekhandel van Gennep in Rotterdam, both specialized and cosy bookshops that are worth a visit when you are around.

January, 2017 | BOOK FOR SALE

I am happy to announce that my first publication, Caucasian Encounters, is completely finished. I am very happy with the printing and binding. It is for sale on this website under the book section.