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November, 2019 | Workshop

Once again I joined up with architecture students from Altinbas University in Istanbul to do a workshop with them. This time we went to Balat, in the historical Golden Horn region of Istanbul. The aim of the workshop was how to use photography as a tool to observe their surroundings and create a personal archive or documentation with the images taken. I recently started to work in Balat for a new photography project, aiming on the different historical layers and ethnicities in this beautiful area. Coming months I hope to give more shape to this project.

August, 2019 | Book for sale

Very happy to announce that Walgenbach art & books, a bookshop from my hometown Rotterdam, is selling my book Caucasian Encounters. It’s a small and cosy shop in the south of the city. They do small exhibitions too.
Check it out here.

April, 2019 | Workshop

I gave another photography workshop with architecture students from Altinbas university in Istanbul. I was invited to talk about photography, how to use it for documenting an area and using it for site analysis. A side trip was part of the workshop and at the end, we had a roundtable discussion. Both for me and the students it was a great experience.