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November, 2018 | Workshop

Last week I had the opportunity again to give a workshop at MEF university during their workshop week. Together with the students from the architecture department, we created pinhole camera’s from shoeboxes and made pictures with them. The idea behind this workshop is to give the students a better and different understanding of time in photography and working with very primitive tools, triggering their imagination when movement and time become very important elements. I want to thank MEF university for having me again and all the students that participated my in workshop.

October, 2018 | Crowdfunding

I started a crowdfunding at the crowdfunding page of Voor de Kunst. I started this funding for the realization of a combination project. Recently I have been working on a serie called Lapidarium. To be able to share the pictures from this series with more people, I would like to realize a self published book. Also, as a photographer still working with the analog process, and printing by hand in the darkroom, I am working on some very large darkroom prints, with a size of about 110x165 cm. To be able to realize these projects and cover all the costs of printing, making the book, materials etc, I need your help. You can check the page of voor de kunst to read more about my project and how to make a donation. Thanks in advance for your support! For more information and to make a donation at the crowdfunding page, go here For any questions you can contact me trough facebook or sent an email to:

July, 2018 | LECTURE

Last week I had the opportunity to give a lecture on photography to architecture students, who attended the Kent düsleri atölyesi summerschool at the chamber of architecture in Istanbul. The interesting subject they where working on was Urban Dreams. The beautiful thing about workshops and lectures, of which I am fortunate to be able to give to students in their early twenties, is that it has a mutual nature to them where both students and me learn from each others ideas, comments and debates. I myself grew up with using film photography and without the ability to use facebook or instagram to shares my pictures, or photoshop to edit or manipulate them. With the students that I encounter, I can see how these media change the way they use photography. The lecture was prior a city tour we would join with historian and restaurateur Mete Göktug. He would show us the old han buildings in the city. Beautiful landmarks of a rich past. According to the students assignments, age and year, and the city tour we where about to take, I shaped a lecture that would fit to their needs. My main point of focus and the subjects I wanted to shine light on in my lecture where the usage of time and space in photography, unconventional techniques and general slowness. Among some of my own works, two photographers, Abelardo Morell and Michael Wesely formed a red line in the lecture. These two photographers use photography in a way that enables them to capture their complete surroundings in one photograph. It shows the element of time, which is an essential element of photography. And how space can be used with a ‘flat’ medium like photography. With their unconventional techniques, I wanted to show the students a different way of documenting and how to overcome the limits of photography, to show an approach to photography they could embrace themselves in whichever way it would fit them. To shine light on a part of photography which could open doors to new ways of seeing. Later that day we started the tour by Mete Göktug, and we all listened to his stories with great joy.

April, 2018 | LECTURE

A few days ago I had the opportunity to give a lecture on photography at Arel University in Istanbul. I would like to thank Arel Uni again for inviting me and Mehmet for helping me with translating!

Januari, 2018 | BOOK FOR SALE

Very happy to announce that my book Caucasian Encounters is now for sale at Walther König bookstore. You can get a copy through their webshop.